Join PageEdit

Devils don't have the red skin and horns, btw. But, they do have an unearthly glow, along with Angels. They both have vast beauty, that is hard for humans to resist. The angels are normally very gentle and nice, while the devils are very mischeivious and bad, not that evil, but still xP. You should know how the humans are, 'cause you know, you are one, at least, I hope you're one... Anyways, here's how your join form should look:

Name: First and last name please

Description: Hair, eyes, skin color, clothing, ext...

Age: 14-18 please :)

Species: Angel, Devil, Human

Gender: Female or Male..duh

History: Just a little background on your character please

Personality: How your character is like, you can't have an evil angel, or a nice devil, that's just outta character.

Okay, so, I hope to see your guys' characters! :) I look forward to rping with you! :D

Once you have made your character:

Angels & Devils: Country Side

Humans: Town